Grandpa Withers’ Annual KARNIVAL OF KARNAGE!!!

Be Amazed as Pete ‘The French Tickler’ McButtle pulls a bathtub full of LIVE EXPLOSIVES through 1000 yards of mud WITH HIS TAINT!!!

Enjoy the comedic antics of Billy the Wonderboy, who will inflate your favorite balloon animals USING ONLY HIS OWN VINEGAR FARTS!!!

Straight from Outer Mongolia, Dog-Man Chiang Li Chang will SET FIRE TO HIMSELF WHILE INGESTING AN ENTIRE BABY!!!

Behold as Sven ‘The Phantom Boner’ Svensson will eat a 12 egg omelet of RAZORBLADES!!!

Thrill as Chuck ‘The Human Nacho’ Starr wrestles 16 RABID KOALAS into submission and then drinks a gallon of NITROGLYCERIN!!!

Shit Your Pants as Freddy Flamingo jumps his motorcycle 80 feet ACROSS A PIT OF MEDICAL WASTE, through A FLAMING HOOP and lands onto A FAMILY OF KITTENS!!!

And for our final act, live and in the flesh THE LEGENDARY Grandpa Withers’ will scream obscenities and racial slurs at the crowd; after which he will piss himself and fall over…ALL IN REAL TIME IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE!!!

Special Appearance this year will be Hall-of Famer and MLB Ironman Cal Ripken Jr.!!!
And then stay as Mr. Ripken beats a hobo TO THE BRINK OF DEATH with a table leg!!!

Free popcorn and TATTOOS for the kids!!!

Food provided by Leon Silverman’s HOUSE OF MATZOH!!!

Tickets are $9 for Adults, Free Admission for Children Under 10, and ask about our SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT!!!