Dale, this is the article that made me want to stop cutting myself.

Excerpt from interview with master thespian Sir Michael Caine in Avocado Monthly, June 1987:

“So, I’m in South America, shooting the film Blame It On Rio. I think it was 1983 or 1984 or I don’t bloody remember. Anyways, so, I’m down in, I guess, a cantina with this floozy I met at the bar, and so the waiter puts down in front of me this bowl of this green goop, and I say ‘Waiter, what the…what the fuck is this?’ And he says to me, ‘it’s uh…it’s guacamole, señor.’ Now, I had never encountered such a substance. Very strange. And I thought it was there just to bugger off the tsetse flies. Italian Job, no guacamole. Get Carter, no guacamole. It had avocado, onion; I think he said some kind of mayonnaise dressing or something. I tried it and it was absolute rubbish. Tasted like a chimpanzee’s ding dong. Pure rubbish. So then the next day, after filming a scene where I was seducing this underage girl, you know, trying to shag her and whatnot, I stopped at this particular cantina again and ordered a bowl of the guacamole, and you know what, I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I’ve eaten it all the time since then. Guacamole seriously had an effect on my acting career.”

It’s a real life changer!