I loved comic books as a kid. I’m not alone here. As I grew up, other things became more important, you know, girls, finding warm beers to drink, etc. The things you loved as a kid never really went away. You’ll always love Star Wars, Transformers, and Batman movies….well most of them. Without this medium, we wouldn’t have most of the highest grossing movies and television series ever made A few years ago a friend of mine made me realize that the things we loved as kids are still alive today and for the most part targeted at our age demographic. There are ton’s of book out there to spark that interest again. I want to give you guys a little nudge in the right direction of what you’ve been missing out on.

One of the most popular comics out today is The Walking Dead by Image Comics. If you haven’t heard of the hugely popular AMC adaptation of the book you don’t own a TV or a computer. It premiered as the highest rated series debut for the channel. Written by now Image partner Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead is a zombie survival comic centered around Rick Grimes, a police officer hell bent on protecting his son and the survivors who stick by his side.

This book is intense. I never thought a comic book would actually get my heart beating and cause anxiety. If there’s anything thats constant in this comic, it’s that no one is safe. Kirkman makes really bold moves and is not afraid to change the status quo with a turn of the page. The book’s art is amazing. The original artist, Tony Moore, and current artist Charlie Adlard both are incredibly talented artists who really set the bar to a whole new level.

The story starts off with Rick Grimes waking up from a coma to the zombie apocalypse. Rick sets off into the world alone in search of his family. Along the way he comes across survivors and plenty of zombies. The book is great in the way that you get your fill of zombie slashing, but it’s so character driven that you can go whole issues without ever seeing a zombie and you won’t even notice.

This book is totally worth checking out. With the success of the television series the trades are easy to find at your local book store but if you can, try and find a comic shop near you and support them, they need it more than Barnes and Noble. I hope this helped some people rejuvenate their love for the medium and opened the door for other great stories that are out there. Plus you can always tell your friends you read the comic before it was a hit movie or TV show. We all love that right?

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