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Kapowski - Section 8

Kapowski – Section 8

Based out of Oakland California, the Kapowski’s “Section 8”
features stuttering drums, a spry bass line, a scratchy organ and a
mesmeric piano line that sets the foundation for Jesse Rimler’s
(lead vocals) wistful lyrics.

Filmed on… Read the rest

Modeselektor - Art & Cash

Modeselektor – Art & Cash

Directed by Pfadfinderei | Performed by Fantastic Nobodies


24/7 Shiva

24/7 Shiva

Not sure what the fuck is going on here, but I think I like it.

From the Maker:

The starting point for my video, ”24/7 Shiva” was a desire to describe the complex process of painting. It´s… Read the rest

Lux Repeat – Avoiding You

Lux Repeat – Avoiding You

Debut video from Lux Repeat’s new EP ‘passing the light barrier’.

Video Violence - Double Double

Video Violence – Double Double

I’ll take one of those eyeball burgers and a sick 80′s Aqua Net induced hair explosion to go please.

More Video Violence, including full tracks HERE

Daft Dollar

Daft Dollar

Get it. Save it. Loose it. Burn it. Stack it. Then you Spend it. Daft Punk for President 2012!

South Central - The Day I Die

South Central – The Day I Die

Brutal new video for South Central’s The Day I Die.

In an era in which violent games such as Call of Duty, Manhunt and GTA are the biggest grossing forms of entertainment, and violent imagery is penetrating our political… Read the rest

Video Violence - Video Violence

Video Violence – Video Violence

Also be sure to check out VV’s demo vids and full tracks here.

Video Violence

Video Violence

Electronic group Video Violence has released a few awesome promo videos. Scroll to the bottom for full tracks and more info on the band.

Latest tracks by videoviolence

More at the Video Violence Official Site

Starkey - Robot Hands

Starkey – Robot Hands

I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit, and I’m now having a seizure.

Starkey’s ROBOT HANDS – Available on the Space Traitor Vol.1 EP

Jigoku: A Visual Mixtape

Jigoku: A Visual Mixtape

DJ Lovely Jon and cult producer, remixer, recording artist DJ Cherrystones joined forces to fry your mind.

Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light

Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light

The World Is Burning Let's Masturbate

The World Is Burning Let’s Masturbate

David Hoyle Official Site

Total Ghost - Custom Christmas

Total Ghost – Custom Christmas

Apparently, the wolrd wants to give you a Christmas Birthday.

David Lynch – Good Day Today

David Lynch – Good Day Today

On November 26, David Lynch released an electronic single on iTunes called “Good Day Today”. While producing this track, the famed director also supplies some heavily processed vocals.

There’s a brilliant bit where his downbeat robot voice sighs… Read the rest