This dungeon of new and vintage coin-op classics can be found at 8 Mott Street in NYC’s Chinatown. It’s one of the last of a dying memory from my past. I can remember spending most of my time hanging out, smoking, and getting sent to the funeral home by Mad Dog McCree. That game infuriated me, the “quick draw” was always too fucking slow, and it would soon be followed by the town’s undertaker hovering and saying “Looks like the good old boy has seen his last gun fight. Time to take him to boot hill.”. I’d then pump the machine full of money again. Rinse. Repeat.

This is the real thing. Not a Hollywood set, or a nostalgia-fueled attempt at creating a Tron-like arcade. The letters on the store’s sign are missing not for aesthetic value but because they fell down with age or were stolen, and haven’t been replaced because the owner doesn’t feel it’s worth the trouble…

Like a storybook magic store that’s larger inside than appears possible from the street, the arcade seems to stretch farther back than it should – and then takes a left hand turn to go even deeper into the bowels of Chinatown. Here you’ll find more modern fare like Dance Dance Revolution and others.

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