I’ve had quite a few convos about TheBox, and to my surprise, not too many remember it’s greatness. The idea of the box was that you could call in and request a music video from a list of about 350, and it would be added to a queue of other requested songs. It WAS the early 90′s, so after sitting through the heavy rotation of Sir Mix Alot, Anthrax, and Wreckx n Effect, your pick would start up.

Videos cost between $0.99 and $3.99 and, on a national average, took around 20 minutes to appear after being ordered. Just enough time to ready the VCR and record all of your songs. Video mixed tapes were my specialty back then. The channel was known for its rough-around-the-edges and “bootleg”-like feel, sometimes making it appear like the channel was of low quality. Just adding to the charm. It was eventually acquired by the MTV Network and programming replaced with the bullshit that is MTV2.
Here are a few videos that got enough play from me to keep that network on the air. Naturally, my parents were always pissed come time to pay the phone bill.


If you used to spend you time, and your parents money on the Box…What did you play? Add your lists and/or links below.