Old-school (literally) street artist John Scott was arrested for vandalism when a special graffiti “saturation patrol” spotted him slap tagging his signature “Who is John Scott?” stickers in an L.A. subway station. Being 73 years old, this makes him the oldest vandal to ever be charged with this crime. The previous only being 36. This has to put him into a legendary status.

On Friday, detectives arrested John Scott on suspicion of felony vandalism, making him the oldest alleged street vandal they have ever captured. Scott, suspected of causing several thousand dollars in damage, was being held in custody on $20,000 bail.

“Up until this year, the oldest guy we had arrested was 36,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Erik Ruble. “We knew our guy was older, but not [73].”

The arrest caps an investigation that began when orange-and-black “Who Is John Scott?” stickers began popping up on buses in Baldwin Hills and on the Westside seven months ago (though some bus passengers insist that they have been around for more than a year). In recent months, the stickers began showing up on light standards and street sign poles.